UCF Knights Football vs. Florida International University Football

A face-off between UCF Knights Football VS FIU Panthers Football in 2017 season. Where the two team carrying the pride of their represented place in Florida. This coming August 31,2017 at the at the Spectrum Stadium will be the game fight between the two team.

Another sport fight between UCF Knights Football Vs Florida International University Football. Many people engaged in sports, some of it are audience or supporters and some are players. Football is popular in the English country places. This is popular in many different places where some of it has their own football team as representative in their country.UCF Knights Football represents The University of Central Florida in the American Sports Football. The Football team began in 1979 as a NCAA Division III program. They have played nearly 400 games in their 34 seasons. UCF Knights Football picked as the No. 1 team to start the 1994 season. The UCG Knights Football made the playoffs in 1990 and 1993. Since they began, UCF has already eight (8) head coaches were 2 coaches led the Knights to postseason. O’leary, the 2004-2015 head coach of the UCF Knights, is the only coach to win a division or conference championship at the school. The present head coach of the UFC Knights is Scott Frost who start to lead the team in 2016.

As of the 2015 season, UCF has already 225 official victories and won four division championship and four conference championship title. The Knight made seven postseason appearances since joining FBS including the win of BCS Bowl Game.

FIU Panthers Football built as a team in 1995 and represent the Florida International University in Miami. The first Head coach of FIU Panthers was Don Strock who was said to be hired first as Director of Football Operations. FIU Panthers first win is over Saint Peter’s College (New Jersey) on August 29, 2002. The team FIU hope to play in the coming season 2003 and be recognized as the solid football team. They played more challenging team of the division but they failed to reach the standard of the season.

FIU Panthers first bowl berth in a short history of its football program was when they defeated Arkansas State in Sun Belt Conference Title 2010. FIU has only to conferences, Sun Belt Conference and Conference USA. They have one (1) win in Conference and one (1) in Bowl Games.

In August 31, 2017 at the Spectrum Stadium in Orlando Florida, the two football team will have a clash of pride as a representative of their University and win the fight. The sport fight will determine who is the strong and solid team among the season.


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